Chocolate Chip Cookies for a Couple of Smarties

As finals week approached, we became more and more swamped with studying, and had very little free time. However, being but mere humans, we could only take so much studying. One day whilst studying together, we finally reached our breaking point: we needed to pause for a moment and not think about finals. And then we knew: what better form of procrastination is there than baking?

We are big fans of cookies, especially the classic chocolate chip. Of course, this cookie has been a staple in our baking repertoire since childhood, but as bloggers and perfectionists we are constantly on the hunt for the perfect recipe–the most delicious and decadent cookies.

Having done some previous experimentation, we discovered that melting the butter produced the best results.  The cookies out beautifully, for the melted butter gave them a crunchy outside with a chewy and gooey center.

Side note: Ryan’s apartment is so clean, this needs to be recognized


Because we only had half the amount of chocolate chips needed, we experimented by adding Smarties we had lying around…and it was perfect, since we are smarties and totally aced all of our finals. #knockonwood


We mixed the batter and dropped cookies in 1.5″ balls on parchment paper.


They baked for fifteen minutes, and came out looking beautiful!


Quite fanstastic!! YUMMMMMMMMM

Just the kind of brain food we needed!


Ryan and Annie


Recipe obtained from:

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