An Introduction

Greetings to all!

We’re Annie and Ryan. We’re two friends who met in our first year at McGill University here in Montreal, and we instantly bonded. We both were from New York, we both enjoyed singing, and most importantly, we both had a passion for baking.

As first year students, we tried as often as possible to get together and bake in our not-too-shabby residence kitchen, but it was pretty difficult: we both had our own schedules, the kitchen was not very well equipped, hordes of hungry university students wanted to eat our baked goods; and the list went on.

Now in our second year, we finally moved into our own apartments with our own kitchens, our own ovens, and our own refrigerators! Cooking and baking for and by ourselves became finally possible. Thus, we decided that we wanted to make more of an effort to get together this year and bake, and we thought that we might as well document our efforts in a blog. Everyone loves delicious recipes, food porn, and stories of friendship, right? Or maybe we’re just especially sappy like that. Oh well.

Anyway, we don’t know how often we’ll be able to post, because let’s face it: we’re students and unfortunately our schedules won’t always line up, but we hope that when we DO get to get together and post something, our anecdotes bring you happiness and our pictures of the final products make you salivate! (Was that awkwardly worded?) We want YOU to be a part of our friendship too! Whoo!


Annie and Ryan

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3 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. Great blog, guys! Hey, how about a Saskatoon Sacher Torte, with thin layers of maple butter along with the usual marzipan and raspberry/apricot preserves? If you wanted to get really outrageous, how about a cupcake or petite-four version of the above?

    Or for something totally challenging, how about a St. Laurent baguette?

    Keep up the delicious work!



  2. Brenda Gross on said:

    I love it! How do I follow this?


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